Monday, January 28, 2013


Gary gallon set on the most awful presence on earth. Guantánamo Bay and the government secret hideout where they buried you and your life. No mail no contact with the outside world. Literally cut off with no rights no lawyer and no hope of a fair trial. it didn't really matter anymore what was done was done. lied to and tricked by the American government. Sold into slavery to the Russian government. Kidnapped and held hostage by the Chinese government. Flock the government.

Alone in his cell Jerry mast with his pet project. Some beans some water and some dark. He had something special planned for the next Flock who touched him. A horrible and painful death. Your back when he first joined United States Air Force was only 16 and the unfortunate burst to get because it matters parents the military quickly realize that Jerry had a gift for microbiology and chemistry. Saying that they were in the middle of the Vietnam conflict they utilized during mine and abilities to create some of the most horrible substances used during the conflict the first being napalm. A combination of diesel fuel and gasoline soap and Styrofoam. Once ignited and burned your skin like an incendiary grenade. The next meeting agent orange garment codename for an agent they killed everything. A Bio organic form of an organic acid they consumed a burned everything in contact with.... the players in the government and the CIA didn't care that it might hurt our own troops all they cared about was terrorizing the Vietnamese.

But Jerry didn't care about those people or days anymore it was in the past those in the present now have to deal with a bioengineered genetic virus. Immune to all antibiotics. and the only antidote Was in Jerry Galllers son. His 0- blood was the only antibody on the planet.. And he was pissed!!!!!!

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